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SNAKE ITCH Removing Pills To Skin Diseases Eczema Itching Nourish Blood Circulation

SNAKE ITCH Removing Pills To Skin Diseases Eczema Itching Nourish Blood Circulation

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Snake Itch Removing Pills To Skin Diseases Eczema Itching,Nourish Blood Circulation

Snake Itch Removing Pills / Hua Se Zhi Yang Wan is a Chinese herbal medicine product made based on a secret recipe for treating skin diseases by a well-known ancient medicine expert and has been clinically tested. The content of herbal ingredients in this drug has a significant healing effect, the combination of different herbal ingredients and the addition of moschus to this drug has the effect of promoting blood circulation, thereby strengthening the function of the drug which can cure itching optimally.

     Borneolum Syntheticum 0.01mg
     Zaocys 5.05 mg
     Fructus Cnidii 40 mg
     Dictamni cortex 20 mg
     Moschus 0.0005 mg
     Fel Serpentis 0.055 mg
     Rhizoma Atractylodis 10 mg
     Radix Sophorae Flavescentis 10 mg
     Radix Rehmanniae 10 mg

     Itching due to skin disease
     Including eczema
     Pruritus and serum sickness
     Itchy rheumatic skin

Urticaria (hives), tinea (fungal infection), itching caused by skin diseases including eczema, pruritus, serum sickness, and itching due to rheumatism, acne, allergies, itching around the groin and genitals, and vaginal itching in women

Procedure :
Cleans the blood, removes toxins in the blood, relieves itching, relieves itching due to rheumatic diseases, fights bacteria that cause itching, nourishes the skin, improves blood circulation, and relieves itching.

How to use:
 Drink 2 times a day @ 1-2 capsules after meals

1 Bottle @ 20 Capsules

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